Wednesday, March 13, 2013

NFL betting tips for the upcoming season

Although the next NFL season isn’t due to start until September, it would be fair to say that a few teams have already been established as the favorites to make a splash this time round – including the Denver Broncos, the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers. The chances of these teams may come into even clearer focus following the draft at the end of April as they try to secure the players to realize their ambitions – but which of these sides represents the best bet for the coming season?

The 49ers looked second best to the Baltimore Ravens in the last Super Bowl, which makes their odds of just 8/1 to go one better this time, seem surprising. The presence of Colin Kaepernick at quarterback is one major reason for the odds, but could the 49ers prove to be this season’s equivalent of the Broncos last year?

Denver disappointed many with their performance last season – not least those who bet on them in advance based on their favourites’ status – and they will be anxious to do better. They have money for the draft, but a lot of it will go on keeping left tackle Ryan Clady, while the Patriots are more likely to be reinforcing their squad.

The problem for the side from New England is that trades have cost them several of their first choice players. Perhaps the most effective tip is to hold off on making your NFL bets until the season gets going, to see how sides are coping with expectations.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nike Unveils New NFL Jerseys: Denver Broncos

One of the teams in the NFL that will be almost completely transformed before next season is the Denver Broncos. Not only have the Broncos traded away up-and-comer Tim Tebow to the New York Jets, but Denver was able to land the big fish in the free agent market by signing four-time NFL MVP quarterback Peyton Manning.

These two moves alone have made the Denver Broncos an extremely intriguing football team moving forward as they may have gone from a playoff team to a legitimate Super Bowl title contender. Along with the new look under center in the Mile High City, Nike has come out with some new uniforms for the Denver Broncos and the rest of the 31 NFL teams.

Check out longtime defensive beast Champ Bailey showing off the new-look Broncos jersey from Nike:

Can Peyton Manning Lead the Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl?

After the most successful season in recent memory, the Denver Broncos were considered a team on the rise in the NFL with a bright future. With up-and-coming quarterback Tim Tebow becoming the face of the franchise in just one season, the consensus was that the team would build around him and his unique style of play at the quarterback position.

Unfortunately, a big fish in the form of four-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning was available and had interest in signing with the Denver Broncos. This interest and the team's interest in him totally changed the outlook for the Broncos. Once Manning was signed to a five-year deal worth near $100 million, Tebow was expendable and available to the highest bidder in terms of a trade.

As a result, Tim Tebow was almost immediately traded to the New York Jets and the Peyton Manning era in the Mile High City officially began!

Now that Peyton Manning will turn over a new leaf in Denver, the Broncos will look completely different at the start of next season. The question remains whether or not the superstar quarterback can lead the Broncos to the Super Bowl during his five years in Denver.

As of right now, the chances of the Denver Broncos dominating the competition in the AFC West division are pretty good right now with the San Diego Chargers falling apart, the Oakland Raiders trying to figure things out and the Kansas City Chiefs still developing. The AFC Conference on the other hand is another challenge altogether, but something that Manning is extremely familiar with.

It will be interesting to see whether or not Peyton Manning is healthy and can make the transition to another team for the first time in his NFL career.